Welcome to Schenectady New York Weddings!

Located on the scenic Erie Canal, Schenectady is a bustling small city with scenic locations and accommodations for planning your perfect wedding!

There are hotels and golf courses> that will host large parties and weddings, accommodating as many as 250 people. If you prefer, an intimate wedding designed to meet your exact specifications can be arranged as well.  There are many professional and talented photographers, videographers, DJ's and live bands to choose from to make your day memorable and unforgettable!

The city of Schenectady is located northwest of Albany and is the ninth largest city in Upstate NY. Originally settled in 1661 as part of the Dutch colony, In 1887, it became home to Thomas Edison who moved here to work on his Edison Machines. Today it continues to be home to the headquarters of General Electric Corporation. Its long and rich past continues to attract visitors who want to explore its historical importance, as well as those who have a love for the performing arts.

The city of Schenectady continues to grow and expand.  Today its arts district and entertainment venues are significant.  Expansion of the Proctors Theater has provided a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy  Broadway shows such as The Phantom of the Opera. There is something for everyone in Schenectady, New York!